Sep 22, 2015

Watch Daniel Craig in Roger Moore-Style Action in New Heineken Spot

This is why I love product placement. Or, more specifically, why I love commercial tie-ins with the James Bond movies. It's just another way to get more Bond, and I'm greedy that way. I don't care what products 007 flogs as long as I get more Bond, in increments however small! But this new Heineken commercial transcends the niche of James Bond-branded advertising, and even the more rarefied niche of James Bond-branded advertising starring actual James Bond actors. This, like Daniel Craig's bit in the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremonies, feels like an essential little bit of Craig-era 007. Except, of course, it doesn't feel Craig era. This time Madison Avenue has created a spot that puts Daniel Craig's Bond smack in the middle of a Roger Moore-era Bond chase. The references to past Bonds go well beyond Moore (there's a nod to Oddjob's hat, for instance, and even small homages to Never Say Never Again and Licence To Kill), but the overall vibe and Moonraker setting is pure Moore. And since Craig's Bond has been largely the antithesis of Moore's Bond, I love seeing him in these situations. It's in the same vein as the train-set Heineken spot that aired when Skyfall came out (and now, in retrospect, seems like it may have been a less successful attempt to evoke the Connery era), but much better. For anyone who feels the modern Bond movies are a tad too grim or realistic, bask now in the over-the-top zeal of this SPECTRE-related Heineken commercial starring Daniel Craig as Roger Moore James Bond.

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Elliot James said...

He must have been paid enough to buy his own island.