Jul 23, 2016

Tradecraft: FX Renews Archer for Three More Seasons; Details on Season 8

FX are committed to their spies. After handing out a two season renewal to The Americans last month (which will be the series' final two), the cable network then ordered three additional seasons of its still-fantastic animated spy spoof Archer. According to The Hollywood Reporter, FX has renewed Archer for seasons 8, 9 and 10, which will keep it on the air through at least 2019. The next three seasons, however, will be shorter than previous ones at just eight episodes apiece. After a 10-episode first season, fans grew accustomed to 13 episodes of Archer a year. Season 7, which just ended, was back down to 10.


Those who have watched all of Season 7 are probably wondering where the show will go next year. Season 5 was a slight detour from the show's overall spy premise, finding the gang dabbling in the drug trade in Archer Vice. Then Season 6 was back to spying, and then Season 7 was another detour, relocating to Los Angeles and fashioning itself after 1980s P.I. shows. Will Season 8 be back to spying again, establishing an every other formula? Apparently not. At Comic-Con yesterday, reports IndieWire, the producers revealed their plans for next season. Those wondering what would become of the show when its titular character ended up apparently shot dead need only (as is, gloriously, often the case with Archer) looked to Magnum PI for a clue. When it looked like Magnum was dead at the end of what was supposed to be the show's final season, it turned out when CBS gave it a surprising renewal that he was actually just in a coma. So is Sterling Archer, apparently, and like Magnum he's solving a murder in his coma. Also like Magnum (in a different episode), he's fantasizing about himself and the rest of the cast in slightly different roles in a 1920s Dashiell Hammett milieu. (Simon and Simon also did an episode along these lines.) You can read details about what new roles each of the regular character will inhabit in what's being called Archer: Dreamland at IndieWire.

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