Aug 17, 2007

Tradecraft: More Delays On 24

The Hollywood Reporter reports further production delays on the coming seventh season of 24. The trade confirms that "the real-time drama starring Kiefer Sutherland that was scheduled to start filming Aug. 27, will now begin shooting Sept. 10 so that the writers can complete enough scripts for the new seasonlong plot." This is the second major setback for the series, which was originally supposed to begin production in late July. The first outline for Season 7 called for half the season to take place (and shoot) in Africa, which frankly would have given a much-needed shake-up to the tired, LA-based routine. (Really, how many major crises can be averted within an hour's driving distance of Los Angeles, year after year?) There would have been a gap in the real time formula while Jack Bauer travelled back to LA to wrap up the season. Fox executives reportedly put the kibosh on the African shoot for cost reasons. The Reporter reiterates that the only new casting yet announced for Season 7 is Cherry Jones as the new President, and puts it mildly when they conclude: "24 is going through a major revamping this year after coming off a lackluster sixth season."

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