Dec 5, 2011

Tradecraft: 24 Movie Back On Track?

Deadline reports that the hot-and-cold, long in development feature film version of 24 is running hot again, which is great news for Jack Bauer fans. The trade blog reports that Live Free or Die Hard writer Mark Bomback is expected to turn in a new script by year's end and Fox and Imagine Entertainment are keen to begin production in April when Kiefer Sutherland's schedule frees up. (The actor is currently filming a new Fox series, Touch.) Apparently neither Breach's Billy Ray nor Spy Game's Tony Scott remain attached; the studio has a short list of five directors it's considering. Some fans aren't keen on the prospect of a movie after watching the TV show sag in its later seasons, but, personally, I'm all for it! I think Jack Bauer is a great character, and there are plenty more opportunities for him once freed from the confines of the strictly structured real-time series.

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