Dec 3, 2013

Another Archer Training Video: How Lana Deals With Ninjas

Here's another one of those great Dharma Iniative-style ISIS human resources training videos (this time courtesy of Vulture) promoting the upcoming fifth season of Archer on FX! Last time Sterling Archer taught us about gun safety; this time Lana shows the correct way to handle ninjas in the office:


PurpleOps said...

I'm pretty sure it's season FIVE that will debut in January.

Saw the fabulous and funny Aisha Tyler on Craig Ferguson last night. Only one brief mention of Archer, but she held up her reputation as a hilarious lady.

Tanner said...

Whoops! You're right. I fixed it. Thanks! Have you ever seen Aisha Tyler's live-action Canadian spy series XIII? I haven't yet, but it's streaming on Netflix.