Dec 10, 2013

Tradecraft: A Most Wanted Man to Premiere at Sundance

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Anton Corbijn's John le Carré adaptation A Most Wanted Man (a movie I've been eagerly anticipating and following for 2 1/2 years now) will debut at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival in January. As previously reported, Lionsgate will release the film in America. Here's the official capsule from the festival line-up:
A Most Wanted Man / Germany, U.S.A. (Director: Anton Corbijn, Screenwriter: Andrew Bovell) — Based on John le Carré's bestselling book, Anton Corbijn directs this modern-day thriller with Academy Award–winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rachel McAdams, Robin Wright, and two-time Academy Award nominee Willem Dafoe headlining an ensemble cast. Cast: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rachel McAdams, Willem Dafoe, Robin Wright.


Bob said...

I am really looking forward to seeing this one, having recently read and enjoyed the book. Recently, I saw Rachel McAdams in the film 'About Time' and I think I could watch her in just about any film. (Although, I have to admit, I thought she was miscast in the Sherlock Holmes films.)

I'm glad to see Lionsgate is releasing this film.

On a different note, Tanner, I hope you have a happy holiday and as always thank you for your efforts this year on this blog.

Tanner said...

Thank you, Bob! A very happy holiday to you, too!

I agree about Rachel McAdams, and I LOVED About Time (one of my favorite movies of the year, actually, maybe right after Spike Jonze's HER, which is definitely at the top of the heap so far for me). She's definitely too old to play the character as written in the book, though. But I'm sure they'll make the appropriate adjustments in the script and she'll be great. I'm really looking forward to this movie too! I hope Lionsgate releases it in the first half of the year...