Jun 26, 2014

DVR Alert: Rare Eurospy Movie Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die Airs on GetTV Tonight

The rare 1966 Eurospy movie Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die (review here), starring Mannix's Mike Connors (along with Raf Vallone, Dorothy Provine and Terry-Thomas), will air tonight on the Sony-owned cable channel GetTV at 11:05pm Pacific. This isn't a channel I was familiar with, but you can find out if it's available in your area here. It seems to have pretty wide coverage. They've been showing a lot of relatively obscure Eurospy movies lately, including Assignment K and the wonderful Hammerhead (review here). (Both of those films have been airing a lot, so check your listings. Hammerhead, in fact, will screen immediately following Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die.) But both of those titles are available on DVD through Sony's MOD program. To date, Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die, frustratingly, is not. Since this is a Sony owned station, apparently programmed largely from the Sony library, I hope this means that the studio still owns the rights to this film... and more importantly that they might have plans to release it on MOD. It's a real classic, and I've often expressed surprise that it hasn't been made available by now. If you haven't seen it, be sure to set your DVR! And Bond fans may be particularly interested to see how much its plot foreshadows the movie Moonraker.

Another spy movie (also available on Sony MOD) that they've been playing a lot is Who Was that Lady (review here) with Dean Martin and Tony Curtis. Speaking of Matin, the Matt Helms also seem to be a fixture in the GetTV rotation.

Read my review of Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die here.

Thanks to Bob for the alert!

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