Sep 20, 2014

Billy Joel Covers "Live and Let Die" on New McCartney Tribute

Surely "Live and Let Die" must be the most covered James Bond song ever? Guns'n'Roses probably did it most famously, but the Paul McCartney and Wings tune (probably my own favorite Bond song) has also been covered over the years by Chrissie Hynde, Ginger Spice and Duffy to name just a few. For me, however, the version to beat remains this crazy cover by Brazilian Band Pato Fu performed on children's instruments. This fall, Billy Joel will throw his hat into the ring in a high-profile way when he covers the song (along with "Maybe I'm Amazed") on the forthcoming all-star Paul McCartney tribute album The Art of McCartney. Other artists in the line-up include Hynde (performing "Let It Be"), Bob Dylan (performing "Things We Said Today"), Willie Nelson (performing "Yesterday"), Jeff Lynne, Brian Wilson, Roger Daltrey and Yusuf (aka Cat Stevens). No more Bond songs though, obviously. Still, it sounds like a pretty cool album!

Read more about the sometimes surprising connections between The Beatles and James Bond over the years in my post "The Beatles vs. James Bond (or Blond)."

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