Dec 11, 2014

Trailer: The Gunman

Sean Penn (Fair Game) throws his hat quite aggressively into the "over-the-hill-actor-reinvents-himself-as-an-action-hero" sweepstakes in the trailer for the latest neo-Eurospy movie from Taken director Pierre Morel, The Gunman. And the results look pretty stunning to me! Almost as stunning as the heavy-hitting cast, which also includes Javier Bardem (Skyfall), Idris Elba (Luther), Ray Winstone (Edge of Darkness) and Mark Rylance (Wolf Hall). Morel (who also directed From Paris With Love) is a master of this genre, and I cannot wait to see this movie! It seems like we've been hearing about it forever, but I guess it's really only been about two yearsThe Gunman (based on the Jean-Patrick Manchette novel Prone Gunman) hits theaters in March.


Elliot James said...

A friend said they took an interesting novel and made a by-the-numbers action flick. I'm not a fan of Sean. His performance in Gangster Squad was beyond cliched.

Tanner said...

Your friend saw it already? How did they compare it to Taken?

I think Penn is a great actor, though I'm often not that interested in the roles he chooses. Gangster Squad was horrendous, but he was quite good in a low key performance in Fair Game (which I liked a lot), and great in Mystic River.