Jan 23, 2015

Grimsby Retreats to 2016

With all the huge movies slated for this year (among them at least fifteen spy movies, including heavy hitters like James Bond and Mission: Impossible), it was inevitable that some of them would end up shifting dates into 2016. Today it was reported on Box Office Mojo (via Dark Horizons) that the Sacha Baron Cohen spy comedy Grimsby would make such a retreat. It was previously slated to open this July, but considering that there was virtually no awareness yet (unlike Fox's summer spy comedy Spy, which already has a trailer), it's not terribly surprising that Sony has re-positioned it for February 26, 2016. While we've now got more than a year to wait, Grimsby sounds worth waiting for on paper. Working from a script by Cohen (Borat), Phil Johnston (Cedar Rapids) and British comedy genius Peter Baynham (I'm Alan Partridge), Louis Leterrier (who directed the good Transporter movies) helms an impressive cast including Mark Strong (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy), Penelope Cruz (Sahara), Ian McShane (The Terrorists), David Harewood (Homeland), Annabelle Wallis (Fleming), Scott Adkins (The Bourne Ultimatum), Gabourey Sidibe (Seven Psychopaths) and Isla Fisher (The Great Gatsby). As previously reported, Mark Strong will play a British superspy forced to go on the run with his dimwitted soccer hooligan brother, played by Sacha Baron Cohen.

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