Oct 22, 2016

Kino Lorber Brings Dimension 5 to Blu-ray and DVD

Wow! I honestly never thought we would see Franklin Adreon's ultra-low budget 1966 spy movie Dimension 5 get a legit DVD release, let alone a brand new high-def master on Blu-ray. But that's exactly what's happening, thanks to Kino-Lorber, according to a post on their Facebook page! In my review of the film, I called it "an American Eurospy film," and I stand by that geographically shaky claim today. It's got next to no budget, but makes up for that with beautiful babes, recycled James Bond gimmicks, and the requisite loathsome hero played by original Star Trek captain Jeffrey Hunter. Best of all, it's got a genuine Bond baddie in the person of Oddjob himself, Harold Sakata, as the villainous "Big Buddha!" Read my full review to get an idea of whether or not this is a movie you would appreciate. It's appeal is certainly limited to a certain type of cinephile, but anyone who enjoys Eurospy movies, Sixties spy TV, or Bond knock-offs in general is likely to find something to enjoy. Dimension 5 is so obscure it's never been released on any home format before, and now we're getting a Blu-ray! What a world!

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