Oct 27, 2016

New 24: Legacy Trailer; Carlos Bernard Returns as Tony Almeida

Fox has released a new trailer for the upcoming spinoff/sequel 24: Legacy. I'm kind of surprised how much it looks to be retreading the plot of 24's first season (or was it the second? the one with Dennis Hopper), but it still looks great, and I can't wait! As 24: Live Another Day proved, twelve episodes suits this format so much better than twenty-four. While Jack Bauer won't be around for this installment, Deadline reported earlier this month that another beloved 24 alumnus would be back. Carlos Bernard will reprise his role as former CTU badass and sometime bad guy Tony Almeida. You can be forgiven if you were under the impression that Tony was either bad, dead or in jail, because he's been all of those things at the end of various seasons. But there was a special feature on the DVDs of 24: Live Another Day in which Tony is seen escaping from prison. He's not in this trailer, though, so no doubt his reappearance will come at a surprising moment during the new season.

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