Mar 24, 2008

Upcoming Spy DVDs

Get Smart '95

TVShowsOnDVD reported last week that Sony would release Fox's 1995 revival of Get Smart on DVD June 3, just in time to cash in on the bigscreen movie adaptation. Now they have the box art, which sure tries hard to make consumers think this is the classic original series by picturing Don Adams and Barbara Feldon front and center and misleadingly calling their release simply "Get Smart: The Complete Series." The star of this Get Smart is actually Andy Dick (inset), as the Smarts' son Zack. The original series can still only be bought from TimeLife, though their window of exclusivity has ended and HBO Home Video now holds the rights to release it in stores if they ever choose to do that. I haven't seen the '95 take (which only lasted seven episodes, all of which are included in the new set), but since it at least has the original stars, it might be worth checking out. (Possibly moreso than the new film version.) With this release (in addition to TimeLife's real Complete Series and the 1989 reunion movie Get Smart Again) every incarnation of Adams' Maxwell Smart will be available on DVD except for the poorly-regarded 1980 theatrical release The Nude Bomb.

Casino Royale Reloaded... Twice

DVDActive reports that Sony's upcoming three-disc Special Eidtion of Casino Royale (2006) will hit shelves the same day as Fox's Special Edition of the '67 version: June 3, 2008. New bonus features include a crew commentary (presumably including director Martin Campbell, since he's talked about recording an audio track), deleted scenes, behind the scenes featurettes, Chris Cornell's "You Know My Name" Music Video, "Catching a Plane: From Storyboard to Screen" and filmmaker profiles, as well as all the features from the old release. (That's right; no need to hold onto your two-disc copies.) Hopefully this new release will be a proper special edition equal to those of the classic films, setting to right the lacklustre first release disc.

So, between these and that Andy Dick Get Smart set, June 3 will be a big day for spy fans... and their wallets.

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