Sep 16, 2008

See Sean Connery Live In Hollywood!

Sir Sean Connery will make a rare Los Angeles public appearance on Wednesday, October 1, introducing his classic 1975 film The Man Who Would Be King in the Cinerama Dome at the Arclight in Hollywood as part of the "AFI Night At the Movies." Tickets were meant to go on sale tomorrow, but they're actually already on sale now, for $25... and going very quickly! Spy fans have another choice that night, too; Mike Meyers will present the original Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery in a different Arclight theater simultaneously.

Read more on the AFI website.


Paul Bishop said...

Oh, now this is a pisser -- my wife has conned me into taking her to a Neil Diamond concert on the same night as this event, otherwise, I'm totally there.

I will have to find a way to make her pay (only kidding, honey).

Tanner said...

Ouch! Bad timing. Sorry to hear it, Bish!