Jul 15, 2012

First Look At Bond 50 Blu-ray Packaging

Sony may not be promoting Skyfall with a Comic-Con panel, but IMAX screened new foorage during their presentation and Fox has a very cool booth on the dealer floor devoted to the upcoming 50th Anniversary set of James Bond Blu-rays. They have a different Bond vehicle on display each day, courtesy of the Ian Fleming Foundation, and fans can pose for pictures with the vehicles. But they've also got the actual Blu-ray packaging, and here it is. As you can see, the long, thin box contains two separate hardcover books housing the discs for all twenty-two official movies--plus an empty slot for the twenty-third, Skyfall, when that comes out! (The disc in the picture is a dummy.)


Jason Whiton said...

neat chance to see the vehicles! i'm never crazy about this style of packaging. the discs feel vulnerable to me, stuck into slots like that (or am i reading the photo wrong?). i would prefer slimline cases inside a bookshelf-friendly case. i guess this one will have to get stacked up with my Apes blu-ray set.
-Jason (spy vibe)

Christopher Mills said...

I'm less concerned about the packaging (although shelf space is at a premium around here)than I am with the content. It would be nice to know if the previously-released 007 titles will simply be inserted into this new box complete with all existing supplemental materials - or are these new, different editions.

I'd like to trade in my old Blu-rays while I might still get decent credit for them, but if the new discs have different extras, then I may want to hold onto them. Sigh.

Tanner said...

Yes, Jason, they do get stuck into slots, like in that Ultimate Pink Panther set. I, too, would have preferred slim cases or TV show-style multi flippers, as these flat boxes are so hard to store on a shelf.

Christopher, the representative told me that all of the discs were identical in content to the last DVD special editions except for Casino Royale, which doesn't have the special edition content from the second release. She didn't know if the framing on GoldenEye had been corrected.

Jason Whiton said...

There's a page for the set details on the Blu-ray website, but they are -so far- a bit general:


-jason (spy vibe)