Apr 10, 2013

Java Heat Trailer

According to the title cards in this trailer, Kellan Lutz is "an American agent" teamed with "an Indonesian cop" "in an exotic land" must save "a princess in danger" and "the heat is on." I like it when a trailer actually tells you what you're going to get so concisely! (Well, most of the verbs there are my own inferences, but I feel confident in making them.) I'm not sure why it doesn't bother to announce that Mickey Rourke is "an evil terrorist," but perhaps the trailer cutters felt some things were self-evident. Twilight may be what's behind for Lutz, but both Tarzan and Hercules are in this guy's future, so I'm hoping he delivers the goods as a bona fide action star. We'll get to make our first conclusions when Java Heat opens on May 10. (It will also be on VOD three days later.)


chiops said...

I used to live and work in Indonesia (mainly Jakarta) so this movie may be interesting to watch.

BTW Tanner, how can I contact you away from this blog. I have a headsup for you that may interest you. ;>)


Tanner said...


I keep updating my profile to include that, and it keeps going away for some reason! Sorry.

chiops said...

Cheers Tanner.

Email on its way very soon.