Feb 5, 2016

Tradecraft: The Nobistar Affair to Explore Little Known Attempted Coup

Deadline reports that Truth Entertainment (Dallas Buyers Club) and NoEgo Films will produce a movie about a little known chapter of (possible) American espionage activity. According to the trade, The Nobistor Affair will tell the story of a CIA-backed attempted coup d’état to overthrow the government of Ghana in the Eighties by a group of mercenaries. The film is based on the account of mercenary Tim Cormody, a Vietnam veteran who went on to work as a private soldier in Rhodesia in the late Seventies. Per the trade's synopsis, "In 1986, Carmody, a Vietnam veteran and co-founder of the Rhodesia Veterans Association, was recruited by the U.S. government for a top-secret mission to deliver six tons of weapons to the pro-U.S. rebels near Ghana, in an attempt to overthrow the government. While en route, their mission was compromised and aborted. Awaiting extraction in Brazil, their boat, The Nobistor, was overtaken by the ruthless Policia of Brazil. Ultimately, Carmody and his team were sent to one of the world’s most dangerous prisons. With the U.S. government and CIA abandoning them, their only mission now was survival. The Nobistor Affair is a chapter in American history many have never heard of." The Agency, of course, denied any involvement. The New York Times' account of Carmody's escape from the time is pretty fascinating. It seems equally possible that the mercs were duped into believing their arms deal was sanctioned by the U.S. government. No stranger to paranoia and conspiracies, Enemy of the State scribe David Marconi penned the script.

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