Feb 17, 2016

Tradecraft: Sony Shops Salt for TV

Screen Daily reports (via Dark Horizons) that Sony is developing a television version of their 2010 spy film Salt. The original starred Angelina Jolie (after a lengthy development process that saw the protagonist's gender changed after Tom Cruise left the project), was directed by Phillip Noyce (Patriot Games) and written by Kurt Wimmer (The Recruit). According to the trade, "The Hollywood studio is pitching the adaptation to broadcasters and co-production partners at this week’s European Film Market, which runs alongside the Berlin Film Festival." Diego Suarez joined Sony last year as Senior Vice President of International Television Production with a mandate "to develop local and international TV around the world. Suarez told the trade,“We want to bring [the Salt series] to Europe in a completely different way." Transporter: The Series was a European TV show based on a European movie property; NBC's upcoming Taken series a U.S. TV show based on a European movie property. "If successful," the trade notes, "Salt would mark one of the first Hollywood pictures to be turned into a television series in Europe."

Last we had heard, Sony was still keen on a theatrical sequel to Salt, and had set Becky Johnston to write. (Wimmer had worked on a previous draft.) That was back in 2012, however, and things have been pretty quiet on the Salt front since then. It's unclear what a prospective TV series means for the movie sequel.

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