Sep 11, 2008

Department S Soundtrack Now Available From Screen Archives

Network's impressive three-disc soundtrack package for Department S is now easily available to North American customers at Screen Archives. Their website also includes a full tracklisting of all the 180+ Edwin Astley tracks, which I don't think Network has done on their own site. The set, which comes with an extensive booklet of liner notes by noted ITC authority Andrew Pixley (his notes are usually worth the price of admission alone!) costs $45.95, so it works out to be cheaper than importing it directly from Network. Screen Archives is also offering previous Network ITC soundtrack releases, including The Prisoner, Man In A Suitcase and Randall & Hopkirk, Deceased.


Delmo said...

And still no sign of a more complete The Saint tv series soundtrack.

Tanner said...

I'm with you. I'd love to see that. But what I'd like to see even MORE (in fact, most of ALL when it comes to soundtrack desires) is THE PERSUADERS!! I really hope that Network is able to secure the rights and the source material for both those shows.

Delmo said...

I'd kill for a Persuaders! soundtrack release! Ken Thorne did a great job with that show. Well, with the news of a Danger Man soundtrack release, we may be getting closer to releases I may actually buy.