Sep 12, 2008

More MI-5 In January

Like clockwork, BBC and Warner Bros. have announced another season of MI-5 (or Spooks as its known in the UK) for release in January. This one will be Season 6, or "Volume 6" as they're calling it. Meanwhile, England is heading into Season 7 on TV, which starts airing in October. I wish we could catch up just a little bit, and maybe get two seasons in one year! According to TVShowsOnDVD, Volume 6 contains ten episodes plus the usual assortment of commentaries, cast interviews and Miranda Raison's behind-the-scenes video diaries. Retail is still steep, at $79.98 (though Amazon, of course, offers it at a substantial discount), and the set hits stores January 20, 2009. As with the last several seasons, this will be on DVD before the episodes air on BBC America, and that's a good thing, because on DVD is how you want to watch this series. BBC America chops the episodes up to the point of incomprehensibility in order to fit in commercials, to the point that it's not even worth watching on TV. On DVD, however, it's usually a must-see!

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