Sep 3, 2008

James Bond Editions Of MythBusters Coming To DVD reports that the two episodes of the popular TV series MythBusters taking on the James Bond movies will be included in the series' next DVD release, Big Blasts. The two-disc set will be out December 2 from Image Entertainment. According to the studio's description, "it's time for martinis and tuxedos as Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage put 007's most outrageous gadgets, getaways and guns to the test in action that will leave you shaken and stirred!" Here's their copy on the pertinent episodes:
James Bond Special - Part 1: See the MythBusters create a watch that can deflect a bullet like Bond's could in Live and Let Die, and find out if it's possible to blow up a propane tank by shooting it with a handgun. Then the team recreates 007's most spectacular speed-boat getaways and more killer spy-movie magic.

James Bond Special - Part 2: In Part 2, Jamie and Adam pack high explosives into an ordinary ballpoint pen, create a deadly bowler hat to see if it could really slice the head off a statue and build giant steel jaws to see if a metal-mouthed super villain could really chomp through steel cables.
I quite enjoyed the first episode (read my full review of it here), but never caught the second one on TV, so I'm looking forward to this release. The other ten episodes included on this set sound good, too. Retail will be $29.98.

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