Sep 21, 2008

SNL Spoofs 007

Last night's James Franco-hosted edition of NBC's Saturday Night Live contained a James Bond spoof called "Agent 420." Franco portrayed a pothead secret agent--essentially a tuxedoed version of his character from this summer's hilarious Pineapple Express. Although the sketch was one of the funniest in the episode, it's unfortunately not among those preserved in video form on NBC's website. While the premise is ridiculously stupid (and I can't believe it hasn't been done before), it's kind of ingenious in its stupidity. Franco and the other actors (including Fred Armisen as the Asian villain Dr. Huang, pronounced "Wang" to 420's endless amusement) further elevated the material by diving into it enthusiastically. Kristen Wiig performed a terrific Bondian theme song for Agent 420, accompanied by scantily-clad dancers approximating a Bond title sequence. In the sketch's best moment, Dr. Huang tries the old Goldfinger laser-to-the-crotch trick, but accidentally ends up igniting Agent 420's "crotch stash," getting them both stoned along with Huang's henchmen.

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