Sep 26, 2008

Warner Announces Get Smart (2008) DVD

The Digital Bits report that Warner Bros. has announced a November 4 release date for single-disc, double-disc and Blu-Ray editions of the 2008 theatrical feature Get Smart starring Steve Carell as Maxwell Smart, Agent 86, the role originated on TV by Don Adams. The Bits have the different artwork for all three versions, and DVDActive have higher-res versions, plus back cover art. They use the art from the teaser and final one-sheet theatrical posters, which was good art. Unfortunately, they muck it up with a big flippy banner at the bottom corner promising "62% More Laughs." These extra laughs appear to come from additional takes with different jokes, which can be viewed in "comedy optimization mode," apparently showing viewers different takes as they watch the movie. After a year that's seen the release of every single previous incarnation of Get Smart, this one makes roughly the billionth Smart DVD released this year.


Delmo said...

Don't you mean Warner Bros. is releasing Get Smart?

Tanner said...

Ha! Absolutely. Thanks for the catch, Delmo; I'll change it now. I had Sony on my mind for other reasons today. Yes, of course Warner Brothers is releasing Get Smart The Movie.