Sep 5, 2008

Tradecraft For September 5, 2008: Bond On Coke & De Niro Emerges From Darkness

Bond On Coke

Variety reports that the latest promotional partner for 007 is Zero... Coke Zero. This will be the first time Coca-Cola has sponsored a Bond movie. Although the superspy himself generally prefers shaken martinis, 7Up has traditionally been the soda of choice for those around him. (Remember that giant billboard in Moonraker?) "While the beverage will appear in scenes in the film, Daniel Craig ... will not be seen downing a can or bottle of Coke Zero in Quantum of Solace," the trade promises. (Phew!) "However, the actor's silhouette as the character will be used in ads set to bow later this month." CommanderBond.Net links to a story with pictures of the nifty, limited edition bottles featuring that silhouette. quotes another, uncredited story suggesting that these might be exclusively available at UK department store Harrods, but Variety says that the "product will even be redesigned in 20 countries with Coke Zero rebranded as 'Zero Zero 7.'" So maybe the bottles will turn up in other countries as well. The trade goes on, "Coke plans to promote the film and beverage in 40 countries with traditional print, in-store, online and mobile ads, as well as 30- and 60-second animated spots to air on TV and in theaters." Those animated spots sound potentially neat! Furthermore, "an exclusive partnership with Activision will also offer consumers an opportunity to download a free demo of the upcoming videogame [Quantum of Solace] from the Coke Zero website, in an effort to offer original content." So this sounds like a pretty big promotion.

DeNiro Emerges From Darkness

Variety reports that Robert De Niro has quit Casino Royale director Martin Campbell's bigscreen remake of his own 1985 UK miniseries Edge of Darkness. It's too bad, because I thought that De Niro was perfectly cast in the Joe Don Baker role of mysterious CIA operative Darius Jedburgh. (Although I've heard the part has been changed to an NSA operative, as often happens these days.) De Niro had only been on the set for less than a week. The movie, starring Mel Gibson in the role originated on TV by the great Bob Peck, has been shooting in Massachusetts since August 18. According to the trade, a spokesman for De Niro explained, "Sometimes things don't work out; it's called creative differences." Campbell plans to shoot around De Niro's character's scenes until a replacement can be found. (I nominate Jeff Bridges.)

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