Sep 12, 2008

More ITC Music From Network: Danger Man

Hot on the heels of the news that Screen Archives in the USA was stocking their Department S soundtrack set comes some exciting new ITC soundtrack news from the UK's Network DVD! On September 28, they'll be releasing a collection of music from the original half-hour series of Danger Man, starring Patrick McGoohan. This one's only two discs, but according to the company, that's enough to compile all the existing pieces of original music commissioned by composer Edwin Astley for the series! That's over ninety tracks. Network boasts that this music was "never previously released" and is all "compiled from the original master tapes." Furthermore, there will once again be extensive liner notes from the Ubiquitous Mr. Pixley. (Andrew Pixley, that is, the eminently readable expert on all things ITC.) I know I was just blathering about how awesome Network is only yesterday, but this really is fantastic news that they're continuing this series of ITC soundtrack archeology. There's hope yet that they may continue on to The Saint and (dare I say it?) The Persuaders!

Read my full review of Danger Man and its subsequent hour-long incarnation, known in the US as Secret Agent, here.


bish8 said...

This is great news! I guess there are enough of us with a nitch interest in this type of soundtrack music to keep these sets coming.

Ted said...

I dig the first season score, gotta get this one.

The later harpsichord-sounding intro seemed to be influenced by The Avengers theme - both fantastic pieces, but that original first season jazzy opening song really set the mood.

"Oh yes. My name's Drake. John Drake."