Oct 25, 2007

Austin Powers 10th Anniversary Edition

DVDActive has pictures of a new Region 2 10th Anniversary Edition of Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, and Amazon.co.uk has it for sale. The disc comes out December 3. There is no word yet on an American version, but I wouldn't be surprised if Region 1 gets this disc as well. It's strange that New Line hasn't revisited the title earlier. Unfortunately, there's surprisingly not a lot of new material on this release, save for a 17-minute featurette called "Austin Powers: A Shaggadelic Decade," an Interactive Quiz and a snazzy new cover that's extraoridinarily reminiscent of the Region 1 cover of Jason King! Appropriate, since Powers probably owes more to King than any of the many other spies he, um, borrows from. I think Meyers even cites Jason King on the commentary track from the original DVD release, which is still included, along with all the other original features.

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