Oct 11, 2007

Roger Moore Receives Star On Walk Of Fame

Sir Roger Moore was honored today with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Fans crowded the street to witness an impressive ceremony presided over by Honorary Mayor of Hollywood Johnny Grant. As former James Bond co-stars like Richard Kiel, Lois Chiles and Gloria Hendry mingled with other showbiz types and signed autographs for eager onlookers on the other side of the barriers, Moore's Escape To Athena co-star (and girl from U.N.C.L.E.) Stefanie Powers (of whom Moore speaks quite fondly on his Live And Let Die DVD commentary) introduced the man of the hour. Two-time Felix Leiter David Hedison (who very graciously signed lots of autographs before the ceremony) then spoke warmly about his friend, recalling the first time they met, in Cairo, long before the pair acted together on The Saint, Live And Let Die or Ffolkes.

Hedison claimed that Moore had gotten him more acting jobs over the years than his agent or manager, and without demanding ten percent. Actress Ruta Lee, who worked with Moore on his pre-Maverick TV series The Alaskans in 1959, joked about her lifelong crush on the actor, praised his wife Christina, and lauded Moore for his extensive charity work with UNICEF and other organizations.

After being presented with some sort of proclamation and a loaf of bread by a local politician, Sir Roger himself addressed the crowd, in his usual charming, self-deprecating manner. "I've had a love affair with Hollywood for many, many years," he confessed. "Which is why I'm thrilled that I have this star down here that people can walk on." He told a few choice stories about his early years in Hollywood, then recalled his tenure as James Bond: "I did seven and then, sadly, I had to retire from the Bond films because the girls got too young. Or maybe I got too old... I can't remember which, but either way, it was disgusting." Yes, Sir Roger is as funny in person as he is on his DVD commentaries, and presumably will be in his recently announced autobiography (for which I can't wait, even if it is being ghost-written).

Moore's well-deserved star is appropriately located at 7007 Hollywood Blvd (outside a touristy trinket shop whose windows are lined with tiny porcelain crucifixes and movie star photos), a block west of the famous Graumann's Chinese Theater and a little over a block east of Pierce Brosnan's star. His sidewalk neighbors are Rory Calhoun and Bugs Bunny. Much was made of the address, and of the year in which the ceremony occurred.

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Rogue Spy 007 said...

Great shots of the ceremony. It's about time that Sir Roger Moore was honored with a star. Congrats to him.