Nov 3, 2007

BLOGIVERSARY: The List Revisited
Revisiting a list made one year ago as the inaugural post on this blog.

2. Roger Moore

There’s been no lack of Roger Moore coverage here on the Double O Section of late. In October, he received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (pictures here) days before his 80th birthday. Unlike Sean Connery (three years his junior), he hasn’t retired from acting; in fact, he recently returned to the spy genre by lending his voice to the Thunderbirds-style puppet animation Bond spoof Agent Crush, which is due out... next year, maybe? (There's a full trailer here, along with the news that current Bond composer David Arnold provides the theme, joining other Bond alum on the project.) Best of all, Sir Roger recently announced his autobiography! Anyone who’s heard his witty, self-deprecating, highly amusing audio commentaries on his Bond movies or on The Persuaders! knows what a great raconteur he is, and knows that he still remembers all sorts of fascinating details about his career and co-stars as if they happened yesterday. Hopefully the book, which is being ghost-written by his long-time assistant and author of The Pinewood Story, Gareth Owen, will achieve the same effect. It’s tentatively titled My Word Is My Bond. This won’t be the first time Moore has written about his 007 experiences, however. In 1973 he published Roger Moore's James Bond Diary, written on the set of Live And Let Die.

Additionally, the American Cinema-theque in Los Angeles is planning a celebration of Moore's Bond films at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica this winter to follow up on their success-ful series of Connery and Lazenby Bonds earlier this year.

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