Oct 10, 2008

Quantum Poster

Here's something I should have mentioned weeks ago. As I'm sure everyone's seen by now, the final one sheet for Quantum of Solace has been revealed. There's also a cool variation of it with just Bond walking in the desert appearing at bus stops and train stations around metropolitan areas. I don't think that this poster is as good as the teaser, but I do like the image. It's a variation on a previously released publicity image from the film, which is itself (and presumably the scene it's taken from) a bit of a tribute to a classic scene (and classic still) in The Spy Who Loved Me. I like the reference, and I'd guess it's courtesy of director Marc Forster who's confessed a particular affection for that movie.

As things really heat up on the James Bond front with Quantum of Solace just around the corner, I can't possibly keep up with all 007 developments, so now more than ever, be sure to check out CommanderBond.net on a regular basis as they're on top of everything! Do beware, though, as you scour the web for Quantum stuff, because some major spoilers are already out there and U.S. audiences will be exposed to far more in the two weeks between the movie's worldwide release and its late domestic arrival. CBn is great about labelling anything potentially spoilery, but another one of my favorite websites was much more careless recently, posting their faint warning only after the offending headline and picture... so use caution!

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