Oct 19, 2009

Peter Graves' Pre-Mission: Impossible ITC Series

Bummed that the Mission: Impossible season coming out on DVD in a few weeks will be the last? Wondering where you’ll get your next Peter Graves fix? Fear not! The good folks at UK company Network have taken your concerns to heart, and they will release Graves’ other series (other series where he doesn't play second fiddle to a horse, that is), Whiplash, on Region 2 DVD in its entirety this fall! Whiplash (1960-61) is not a spy series, but a Western–with a twist. An Aussie twist. In this fondly-remembered intercontinental collaboration between Britain’s ITC, Australia’s Seven Network and a team of American writers including Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, Graves played Christopher Cobb, an American adventurer trying to start up a stagecoach line on Australia’s untamed outback. Following the tried and true formula of both ITC programs and American Westerns, he gets into various adventures each week–and gets out of them with the aid of his trusty whip and Akubra hat! Whiplash: The Complete Series (thirty-four half-hour episodes in black and white) will be available as an online exclusive from Network’s website starting December 7 at a cost of £42. In the meantime, go here to hear Saint and Danger Man composer Edwin Astley's infectious, whip-cracking theme song.

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Jonathan Melville said...

Mr review copy of Whiplash arrived today, looking forward to watching it over the next few weeks.