Oct 1, 2009

Upcoming Spy DVDs: Network To Release Man In A Suitcase Documentary Individually

I love Network. I know I sound like a shill for them half the time I talk about them, but there's a reason for that: this is a company that really treats spy fans well. Not only does the UK company release rare soundtracks like I was talking about yesterday, not only do they release excellent Region 2 DVDs of many classic British spy shows and produce wonderful special features for those releases, but they've also released some of those special features on their own for the benefit of fans who can't afford the whole set, or who already have the series on a Region 1 or Region 4 release lacking Network's original features. In the past they've released the Prisoner documentary Don't Knock Yourself Out (now out of print) and the Saint documentary The Saint Steps In... To Television (review here) on their own; now they are releasing the main attraction from their Man in a Suitcase DVD set on its own. In Character: Richard Bradford is a 69-minute long interview with the man who played McGill, the star of the series. Here's the copy from Network's website:

Richard Bradford found great critical acclaim for his sensitive and realistic portrayal of McGill, the discredited ex-CIA agent reduced to working for hire as a private investigator. A perfectionist and Method Actor, he quickly came into conflict with some of the crew and his fellow actors - gaining a reputation of being awkward to work with. Interviewed in the summer of 2004, he candidly talked about his time working on Man in a Suitcase and the problems he encountered while trying to make what is, for some, the finest of ITC’s action/adventure series.

Originally filmed for the best-selling Man In A Suitcase DVD, this is the full interview in which Richard talks with great honesty about his early career, including his time at Lee Strasberg’s highly acclaimed Actors Studio, working with Marlon Brando, and more.
In Character: Richard Bradford will be available to order through Network's site starting on October 12.

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