Apr 16, 2011

More Bond Memoirs From Roger Moore

The Book Bond points the way to a very exciting news item on 007 Magazine Online revealing that Sir Roger Moore is writing a follow-up to his fantastic 2008 autobiography My Word Is My Bond. Whereas that one covered his whole life to date (and comes highly recommended!), the new volume will focus specifically on his tenure as James Bond. Since the actor's years in Bondage only amounted to three chapters in his autobiography, it seems reasonable to expect that he's got plenty more anecdotes worth reading on the subject. The new book, Bond on Bond, will be published in September 2012 by Michael O'Mara (publisher of My Word Is My Bond) to celebrate the cinematic 007's 50th anniversary.  In addition to Sir Roger's recollections, Bond on Bond (and I personally love that a Roger Moore book about James Bond references Bob Dylan) will also feature lots of color photographs (many presumably never before seen) from the actor's personal collection. Said the inimitable Sir Roger: "I'm greatly looking forward to delving into my memory box again and rummaging through the photo albums to admire my great physique, dashing good looks and full set of teeth." Go read all about it on 007 Magazine Online.

Between this and George Lazenby's autobiography, 2012 is shaping up to be a very promising year for books on and by Bond actors! In other Roger Moore book news, the actor recently revealed on his website that there is also a new book in the works on his classic TV series The Persuaders! to celebrate that show's 40th anniversary later this year.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. I'm guessing Moore's new Bond book will probably be written largely by someone else, but with Moore's name prominent on the cover.

As for the hint about a possible PERSUADERS! book....that would be great, as long as it's not just a boring illustrated 'episode guide' and little else. I'm surprised no one has done one before.

I wonder if it might not be a book of the sort that Andrew Pixley wrote to acconpany Network's releases of DANGER MAN and THE PRISONER...? That woule go nicely with a BD release of the series!

Abe Lucas said...

I recently picked up My Word is My Bond and disagree with those who think it a disappointment. I enjoyed hearing Roger's "voice" recounting his experiences and found everything he talked about to be told with his usual great humor and class.

I'm looking forward to the next one.

Tanner said...

Well, if it's co-written by Gareth Owen like the last one, that's fine with me. I loved it. And while not devaluing his contribution at all, because this is very important, I suspect that Mr. Owen's primary role was organizing Moore's anecdotes into a structure that made sense for a book. As C.K points out, the anecdotes themselves seemed very much in Moore's own voice--at least in line with those recalled on Moore's various audio commentaries and in his own self-deprecating style.

Good guess, I'd say, that they Persuaders! book might be a Pixley guide to accompany the Blu-rays. I hope it's available separately, but if Andrew Pixley is involved, it should be great either way. I would doubt it will simply be an episode recap sort of book. Is anyone publishing those anymore in the age of the Internet? They're kind of outdated...

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