Apr 11, 2011

Upcoming Spy DVDs: Age of Heroes

Age of Heroes, the movie we first heard about last year about "Ian Fleming's Red Indians," the 30 Assault Unit created by the future Bond author while he served in Naval Intelligence during WWII, will come out on Region 2 PAL DVD and Blu-ray this June from Metrodome Distribution. The film stars former Bond baddie Sean Bean, and James D'Arcy plays Commander Fleming. If the film proves at all historically accurate, then Fleming himself will remain deskbound, since as much as he may have wanted to, he did not go on missions with the 30AU. (That hasn't dissuaded other movies, though, like Spymaker: The Secret Life of Ian Fleming with Jason Connery, from portraying him in the field.) 

According to the official copy, "Age of Heroes is inspired by this incredible true story, the little told story of how James Bond creator Ian Fleming oversaw the activities of an elite and supremely well-trained commando unit during World War II, and about the danger and adventure that the 30 Assault Unit faced in their brave efforts to extract the most crucial Nazi-Axis secrets with their pioneering stealth techniques." Age of Heroes was supposed to have a theatrical run in Britain last month, but I don't know if that actually happened. There is still no US release date. For more on Fleming's involvement with 30AU, check out Craig Cabell's books Ian Fleming's Secret War and The History of 30 Assault Unit: Ian Fleming's Red Indians.

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