Apr 15, 2011

Tradecraft: Bond Girl Olga Kurylenko Signs On For Another Spy Mission

Olga Kurylenko, arguably the best thing about Quantum of Solace (and definitely the best thing about Hitman!), has signed on for another spy movie. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the former Bond Girl will play an active CIA agent and former lover of Aaron Eckhart's former operative (that's a lot of formers) in The Expatriate.  As previously reported, Eckhart will play a retired spy who hopes to make a fresh start with his estranged 15-year old daughter in Belgium, where he takes a job as a security expert for a multinational corporation. One day he arrives at work to find that the corporation no longer exists, his coworkers are gone, and his assistant is really an assassin out to kill him and his daughter. Father and daughter go on the run together and learn to trust each other as his shadowy past comes to haunt them (as it always does for ex-spies in this sort of movie). The trade also reports that Liana Liberato (Sons of Anarchy) has come aboard to play the daughter. The Expatriate is currently filming in Montreal. I was already excited to see Eckhart venture into neo-Eurospy territory, but with Kurylenko involved, now I'm really excited to see this movie!


Bob said...

For a completely different role for Olga, check out the film "Centurion" directed by Neil Marshall. She is the very believable villainess in the film.

Tanner said...

I still haven't seen that. Want to, though! Glad to hear she's good.

Anonymous said...

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