Jun 29, 2012

Daniel Kleinman Returns For Skyfall

MI6 has managed to get the answer to the Skyfall question that's been at the forefront of my own thoughts for some time: who will create the title sequence for the 23rd James Bond movie? And the answer is indeed good news: Daniel Kleinman, who created such memorable opening credits for GoldenEyeTomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough, Die Another Day and Casino Royale, but sat out the last movie, will return! I'm so glad. Kleinman does fantastic work. For Quantum of Solace, director Marc Forster brought on his own preferred title creators, a firm called MK12, and they in turn delivered a strong contender for the weakest opening title sequence of the entire series. It's a relief to have Kleinman back in the driver's seat after that debacle. I'm very curious to see whether he returns to the classic silhouetted nude women dancing or swimming that Maurice Binder pioneered, or instead follow up on his own impressive departure from Daniel Craig's debut film, which featured cool rotoscoped animation. Either way, I'm confident he'll deliver the goods! The reliable fan site previously reported that the sequence has already been shot, and unsuprisingly involved female models.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is currently running an installation exhibit featuring all of the James Bond title sequences playing on giant video screens.

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Sextonblake said...

In recent years it almost seems as if they're trying to distance themselves from the traditions of the films. Whilst I can see that there is a need to remain fresh, there's a danger of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Kleinman's return is therefore very welcome news. He has done some absolute corkers, and CASINO ROYALE's opening managed to be in the style of the classic Bonds, whilst also managing to be quite new and fresh. I'm hoping that they can do the same with the rest of the movie, rather than copy the bland, generic style of QOS.