Aug 10, 2012

New Skyfall Character Posters

Four new Skyfall character posters and a banner were revealed on yesterday... and they're awesome! I love this Daniel Craig image, because it's the closest thing we've ever gotten to a classic Bond pose from him. Sure, he's still in a typical Craigian stance (I would have loved to see him hold his gun up beside his face as every Bond before him did), but he's in a tuxedo with the collar buttoned and the tie tied and his hair combed and his face shaved closely. It's fantastic! I will definitely be acquiring this poster for the wall of my brand new apartment. The other character posters are good, too, but I do wish that the Javier Bardem one didn't remind me so much of the Zao character poster from Die Another Day, thanks to the billowing black coat. Bérénice Marlohe's pose (and, to some extent, her dress) also recalls a famous Paris Carver publicity image from Tomorrow Never Dies, but that doesn't really bother me.

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