Aug 15, 2012

Tradecraft: ABC Eyes Sky's Spy

Deadline reports that ABC is in negotiations with UK showrunner Simeon Goulden to adapt his Sky 1 spy comedy Spy (which we first heard about a year ago) for the American network. I haven't seen the original, but the trade blog points out that it's available to watch in the U.S. on Hulu (where it apparently does quite well), so I'll be sure to check it out now. Deadline compares the workplace comedy/family comedy hybrid to Get Smart, which sounds good, though the description always reminded me more of The Piglet Files. Spy follows a bumbling single dad (played by Darren Boyd in the original) eager to impress his 9-year-old. In his effort to do so, the hapless computer salesman is accidentally recruited to MI5. Then he has to balance his crazy work life with his crazy home life and struggles to keep secrets from his family and friends. My Family's Robert Lindsay plays spy chief The Examiner in the UK version. Hat Trick, the production company behind the original (and also behind Episodes, a comedy about UK writers attempting to adapt their popular Britcom for a U.S. network) will also produce the remake.

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