Aug 6, 2012

Tradecraft: Kevin Costner Mulls Spy Roles

Deadline reports that Kevin Costner, riding high on the huge success of his TV miniseries Hatfields & McCoys, is choosing between two fast-tracked spy movies. According to the trade blog, he's been offered what they call "the co-lead" in Paramount's new Jack Ryan movie opposite Chris Pine. The role is described as "a new creation, but a close cousin to the role of CIA bigwig Admiral Greer that was played by James Earl Jones in [the 90s Jack Ryan movies]." Costner would play Jack Ryan's Agency mentor. Perhaps more interestingly, however, he's also being sized up by Luc Besson as the next potential Hollywood star to make a comeback in a EuropaCorp neo-Eurospy movie. Deadline further reports that Costner's been offered the lead in Three Days to Kill, a project first reported a few months ago. "Costner has been offered the role of Ethan Renner, a government assassin who is dying. Before he goes, he is determined to reconcile with his daughter, while taking on one final mission." The trade blog adds that like the Liam Neeson mega-hit Taken, Three Days to Kill (written by Besson and his From Paris With Love co-writer Adi Hasak) is "a contained cost drama that is set in France and is a kicking showcase for a male star." Could it do for Kevin Costner's flagging film career what Taken did for Neeson's? I think the actor would be ill-advised not to find out. According to Deadline, This Means War helmer McG is in discussions to direct.

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