Feb 9, 2015

Kingsman Music Video

They used to be a regular part of a major spy movie's marketing, but it's been quite a while now (to my recollection) since we've seen a music video associated with a big spy film. So it's kind of a refreshing throwback that Kingsman: The Secret Service sports a new song from Take That, "Get Ready For It," plus a music video tie-in using footage from Matthew Vaughn's movie. It's not a great video, but the band did go to the trouble of sporting some Kingsman-appropriate duds and shooting in the U.N.C.L.E.-esque tailor shop that serves as the titular spy agency's secret entrance. And there's even a cameo from the film's razor-legged femme fatale Gazelle (Sofia Boutella). I appreciate that. Plus, I have to admit, it's a catchy song! So... "Are you a fool or a Kingsman? 'Cause only you know!" Watch the video and find out!

"Get Ready For It" isn't included on the film's soundtrack album from La La Land, but the CD does feature a suitably spyish, horn-heavy score by Henry Jackman (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, X-Men: First Class) and Matthew Margeson. You can buy it now (and listen to samples) as a digital download on Amazon, or pre-order the CD (with three extra tracks), out February 17. And if you really fancy yourself Kingsman material, you can also look the part—provided you're fairly well-heeled. The Kingsman line from fashion website Mr. Porter offers stylish overcoats, bespoke suits, high-end accessories and more—all from British manufacturers and all in the high style associated over the years with fashionable secret agents like John Steed, James Bond and Harry Palmer. So even if you don't care for Kingsman, you can look to Harry Hart's antecedents and enjoy dressing like your favorite undercover clotheshorse.

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