May 29, 2015

Trailer: American Ultra

The first trailer has dropped for the stoner spy action comedy American Ultra. The Max Landis-penned flick we first heard about a little over a year ago asks the question: what would happen if Jason Bourne were a slacker stoner? Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) plays the sleeper stoner whose Treadstone-like training is suddenly activated, setting into motion a chain of events that bring government spy agencies down on a small town. Walton Goggins lends some bona fide Bourne experience, and Kristen Stewart (Jumper, Twilight), Bill Pullman (Torchwood, The Equalizer), Topher Grace (The Double), Sharon Stone (Agent X), John Leguizamo (Executive Decision) and Tony Hale (Chuck, Veep) round out the cast. This one looks like it could be fun!

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