Oct 30, 2015

First Trailer for Grimsby, Now Called The Brothers Grimsby

Sony have released the first red band trailer (which means NSFW) for the Sacha Baron Cohen/Mark Strong spy comedy we first heard about way back in 2012, when it was set up at Paramount. Spy veteran Mark Strong (Kingsman, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) plays a British superspy saddled on his latest adventure with his idiot soccer hooligan brother, played by Cohen (Borat). Louis Leterrier, whose Transporter 2 remains one of the very best neo-Eurospy movies to date, directs, so hopefully we can expect some good action along with the comedy. (Though I have to say, I'm not at all impressed with the slightly nauseating first-person shooter-style footage in this trailer. Hopefully there's not too much of that.) Up until now this project has been known as Grimsby, but evidently it's now called The Brothers Grimsby, which is a better title, even if Grimsby is the name of the town the brothers come from rather than their family name. The film was originally set to come out this past summer, but ultimately fled the crowded 2015 spy marketplace for a February 2016 berth. That was probably a smart move as another spy comedy, Spy, ended up as a huge success this summer. Now The Brothers Grimsby is poised to be an early spy highlight next year - one I'm certainly looking forward to!

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