Oct 2, 2015

The Final SPECTRE Trailer is Here!

Today Sony released the final trailer for SPECTRE, which opens in just a little over a month in North America—and even sooner in the UK. I love it. It's short, but this might be my favorite one yet. Or the combination of that great, action-free first teaser with this one which mixes the menace of that teaser with the spectacle of the most recent trailer. I particularly love that this trailer highlights the combination of hot and cold locations. That mixture seems to be a key element of many of my favorite Bond movies. It hasn't occurred to me before, but SPECTRE's hot and cold partly mirror The Living Daylights' hot and cold locations—Morocco and Austria. And Daylights is one of my favorites. I can't wait for it to be November!


Unknown said...

So Matt, got to ask as we enter to home straight to release date. Just how excited are you? On a scale of 'meh' to 'conniptions'? I am around 9 - 'periodic seizures'! Have you heard this thing about the Rome car chase lasting 7(!) minutes?

Tanner said...

Seriously, you have to ask? I'm surprised you can't guess! Yes, of course I'm at full conniptions by now! Especially now that busstop posters and billboards are going up all over LA. (Driving down Sunset at the moment is like driving through my dreams from 1994: you're inundated with billboards for SPECTRE and ASH VS. EVIL DEAD!) I had not heard the bit about the length of the car chase. Interesting! Anyway, you're closer to a premiere date than I am! You guys get it more than a week before us. Enjoy that!