Nov 24, 2009

New Spy DVDs Out This Week

...or tangentially spy-related, anyway. Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season Four contains the episode "The Avon Emeralds," guest-starring a very young Roger Moore as "Inspector Benson." Sir Roger recalls in his autobiography, "The series was topped and tailed by a speech from the great man himself, but of course he was never around the set. My episode was 'The Avon Emeralds' with Hazel Court as my co-star. I don't think it was particularly memorable, but it did keep me in LA and in the thick of where it was all happening." Now it's easy to judge if it's memorable or not, as Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season Four hits DVD today from Universal. Retail is $39.99, but of course it's available cheaper from Amazon and Deep Discount, where during their 40% sale it can be had for $23.97.

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