Nov 12, 2009

Spy In Your Eye Soundtrack CD Now Available

Screen Archives Entertainment now has the new CD soundtrack for the 1965 Brett Halsey Eurospy movie Spy In Your Eye (Berlino, appuntamento per le spie) in stock. This release on the Saimel label is limited to just 500 copies, so in no time it will be just another impossible to find, out of print Eurospy CD. Act quickly. I haven't seen Spy In Your Eye myself, but the indispensable Eurospy Guide says it's "one of the best." The Guide also calls Riz Ortolani's score "surprisingly unobtrusive." That might work well in the movie, but unobtrusive spy soundtracks don't necessarily tend to make the best listening on CD, in my experience. That said, there are some tracks you can listen to on the SAE website, and they all sound good. Plus, there's that cover. Awesome, isn't it?

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