Nov 5, 2009

Salt Trailer Debuts

Yahoo has the first trailer for the Phillip Noyce-directed Angelina Jolie thriller Salt. And it looks awesome! Now this is a spy movie! Certainly more of one than we've had at all this year. It's got a bit of everything: Cold War-style intrigue, Russian defectors and moles at the CIA, and lots of spectacular looking action! I haven't been this excited about a trailer in a long while. I guess I can see why Tom Cruise supposedly felt that the project would be too much in the same vein as his Mission: Impossible movies, but it also looks a bit more Bourney than those. But the M:I comparison is certainly valid, because this has the look of a 90s action movie. And I mean that in the best way possible! Even the logo has that feel:

And that's not surprising, I suppose, considering Noyce directed the two Harrison Ford Jack Ryan movies in the 90s. After seeing this, I officially cannot wait to see Salt!


Armstrong Sabian said...

Heh. That scene where she says, "Someone's setting me up!" and jumps to the top of the semi-truck? I drive on that road every day. Totally not New York City.

Delmo said...

He also directed the hated Kilmer Saint film. Hopefully he's remembered how to direct a movie since.

Tanner said...

True, he did. And that movie's truly awful. He also directed the equally awful Sliver. But then he got back on track with The Quiet American and his smaller Australian stuff. Hopefully he combines being on-track with directing quality action, as in Patriot Games. Either way, I think the trailer looks terrific!

And that's very cool that they shot it near you, Armstrong! Where's that, Boston? I live in LA, and I love seeing certain LA landmarks pop up again and again in things that are supposed to be set all over!

Armstrong Sabian said...

Albany, actually. Here's the building that's in the background. To the left is the elevated cloverleaf from which she leaps: