Feb 12, 2011

Superseven: Cool Fake Eurospy/Costumed Adventurer Trailer

Remember that Costumed Adventurer Week I did a few years ago examining that curious subgenre of Eurospy movies in which the spy heroes wear tights? Of course you do! (And if you don't, you really ought to check it out, here.) Well, Eurospy Forum member Bob Griffith has put together a trilogy of trailers for a fake Costumed Adventurer (or fumetti/fumetti neri) character called "Superseven" using cleverly selected clips from real Eurospy and Costumed Adventurer movies. Check out the latest one, Superseven in 8 Spies Too Many, here—and then poke around and watch the previous ones. See how many clips you can identify. Some of them stand out a little too much, like the iconic bikini/speargun scene from Deadlier Than the Male, but others are much harder to place. You'll probably recognize a lot from the Superargo movies and maybe a few from OSS 117 films, but my favorite is the climactic helicopter scene from the Roger Moore film Crossplot. There are dozens more. Check it out! All that reminds me: I really need to do another Costumed Adventurer Week...

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Jason Whiton said...

Cool! The brief clip from Captain Scarlet inspired today's post on Spy Vibe:


-Jason (Spy Vibe)