Feb 24, 2011

Tradecraft: Ashley Judd is the Female Liam Neeson In New ABC Spy Series

Deadline reports that Ashley Judd is "close to a deal" to play Becca Winstone, a highly-skilled former CIA agent who heads off to Europe in order to find her missing teenage son (presumably prepared to tear down the Eiffel Tower if she has to) in the previously announced ABC spy series Missing.  Furthermore, the trade blog reveals that the series, which was originally slated for summer, has been moved back to a fall premiere.  To me, the fact that the premise seems awfully similar to Taken is not a bad thing.  Especially not when the series is shooting in Rome, Vienna and Prague!  For real!  When's the last time an American spy show actually shot overseas, and didn't simply redress the same Burbank locations to stand in for all those places?  (I Spy, maybe?) I look forward to seeing the 42-year-old Judd channel some of the (then) 58-year-old Neeson's world-weary badassery. Read more about Missing (which was previously known as Hall of Mirrors) here.

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