May 21, 2011

What the Future Holds For Chuck (Besides Marriage)

NBC confirmed at their upfront presentation in New York on Monday the good news already reported last week: that Chuck is, indeed, returning.  However, it will be moving to 8PM on Friday nights for a 13-episode final season. (That will put it in direct competition with The CW's recently renewed Nikita... but is that really an issue in this age of DVR and On Demand?) Additionally, according to Deadline, NBC Broadcast Chairman Bob Greenblatt said that the final season of Chuck will "go back to its roots" and "will be closer to was it was in Season 1."  Honestly, I didn't have any problems with what it had become in the past year, but I know a lot of fans did, so presumably they'll welcome that news.  I had a problem when Chuck first became a superspy, and stopped watching for a while, but when I returned this year I was happy to see that the new status quo was working well.  Guess that's all changing again.  (Perhaps that changes in this year's finale, which I have yet to watch. Perhaps Chuck doesn't even get married! You all probably know more than I do about that right now.)  I think it's great that the writers know up front that this will be the final season and how many episodes it will last.  This should enable them to plan a season accordingly and resolve everything at the appropriate time.

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