May 5, 2011

Colombiana Trailer

Here's the trailer for the newest neo-Eurospy movie from Luc Besson's action factory, EuropaCorp.  "Neo-Eurospy," I should clarify, in that there's Gaul money behind this Olivier Megaton-directed actioner, not in that it's set in Europe or even that there are necessarily spies in it!  It's a close cousin of the spy movie, the professional assassin movie, and it's set in exotic South America.  But neo-Eurospy, like Eurospy, is to me more of a tone than a genre, and this one looks like it will fit right in with Besson's Transporter movies and Taken.  Plus, surely that tight black catsuit qualifies it automatically for all sorts of spy genres!  Colombiana, starring Zoe Saldana and Alias' Michael Vartan, is written by Besson and his Taken collaborator Robert Mark Kamen.  Megaton directed the neo-Eurospy flicks Transporter 3 and Hitman, and is slated to next direct Taken 2 for Besson.  Oh, and Colombiana looks pretty awesome!  Check it out:

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Christopher Mills said...

Saw this trailer in front of THOR tonight (midnight show), and thought it almost looked like it might have originated as a sequel to LEON, repurposed to replace Natalie Portman's character with a new one.

Definitely has a LEON?LA FEMME NIKITA vibe!