Jul 27, 2011

Ad Campaign Ramps Up For Cinemax's Strike Back

These posters started popping up at bus stops all over LA last week, and I think they're pretty cool. To most Americans right now, BSkyB is just the broadcaster Rupert Murdoch was trying to buy when the News of the World scandal broke and his little phone tapping habits forestalled the deal. But it's also Britain's largest pay TV station, and the home of the original series of Chris Ryan's Strike Back. Now America gets Strike Back (minus the possessive, as author Chris Ryan has very little name recognition here) on Cinemax, though I hesitate to call it "the American version," as this 10-episode series is actually a co-production with BSkyB that manages to serve as a follow-up to the UK original by continuing that story (original star Richard Armitage pops up in a few episodes) and a brand new jumping-on point, with new stars, for US viewers. So rather than getting a straight-up remake, for once, we Americans are getting something that's part remake, part sequel. However you categorize it, it looks cool! Check out these two promo spots, which expand on what we saw in that first trailer last month:

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